Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Goddesses and Ghosts

Ghosts are fans of goddesses
and goddesses depend upon ghosts.
Gods don’t give a good goddamn
about the ectoplasmic clan:
what are they but the senseless
leavings of a mortal life – frailty’s
substanceless detritus? Without
the powers of divinity, at best they’re

ineffectual and all but undetectable –
clusters of faint zeros: silly nothings, 
clouds in the vicinity. But goddesses 
are cannier than gods in this as in 

most other matters. Ghosts know how
to navigate dimensions which permit
more shifty back’s and forth’s: mistily
persisting as all quantum quark

and lepton spatters can, knowing how
to slip through seams of cosmoses’
infinity without another form of being
ever seeing where they are or where
they’ve been. Goddesses have learned
from ghosts the trick of spinning quick 
new undermining schemes from this 
that keep the gods in line. Therefore
goddesses have come to seem 
insidiously more mysterious, aligned 
and fine. Gods somehow know
they’re being left behind.



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