Monday, December 11, 2017

The Spiritual Fitness of the Double-Jointed Neck

They say the cutting edge in spiritual fitness now resides first
in the hiring of a Body Guru Guide, who through a new advance
in trance, a swoony meditation on the flesh that will, as if by
reflex, gain you access to your heretofore unknown capacity

to tease out and construe a fresh revamp of bodily materiality,
you’ll learn to lasso your intentions in the waking mind, applying
Body Guru arts you’ll master to induce inventive interventions –
conjuring, say, whimsical replacements of your too-familiar body

parts. Right now the style going viral is the double-jointed neck:
beckoned into being by intoxicating visions of the rarest sort,
seen to angular advantage on a naked body in a discothèque.
The fun it’s brought! Swallowing has now become a major sport.


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