Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Maybe That’s the Deal

Absence ergo Presence! ‘Does this mean,’
Absence asked: ‘that I created Presence?
Apparently.’ Though he can’t perceive
himself, still Absence can’t conceive himself
without an opposite. Maybe that’s the deal.
Maybe something only comes from nothing.
Absence then would be its god! He had
these thoughts while sipping Absinthe.
Under its iconic sway, Absence wondered
hungrily what might comprise the size
and content of the rest of his relational array.
Wouldn’t everything existent be his kin?
What about Enthusiasm, that peculiarity so
very alien to him? Absence guessed by
contrast it had kinship with Dispassion. Why
not make a visit to Dispassion to discover
what it knew about the family? In an instant
Absence did so: sleekly slid himself beside
Dispassion, and calmly asked it if it ever
had begotten an Enthusiasm? Dispassion
didn’t answer. Either it was so dispassionate
it couldn’t raise the energy to think why it
should care, or hadn’t any clue that Absence,
being Absence, even had been there. Then,
as if on cue, Dispassion took the opportunity
to spew, ergo construe for Absence its first
view of giving birth to its abstractions: two
spasms shook Dispassion’s core which under-
took to serve up a galore of two Enthusiasms!
It fell to Absence then to welcome them:
‘Hooray! You made my day.’ But there’d
be no reply. And what would be the sense
in Absence bidding them goodbye? An oddity
begins to dawn. If God were Absence,
Absence, God – they’d never have been here.
You couldn’t even say that they were gone.

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