Monday, July 23, 2018

Salve Regina! Ave Rex! Ave Omni Genus!

Who’s that fairy god with breasts?
Or fairy goddess with a beard?
Weird. Is he hiding a vagina?
Has she tucked a penis
of prodigious size somewhere
tight between her thighs?
What yearning’s burning in
that crotch? Whose gender
bender would you rather watch,
whom would you prefer?
A him who can’t be catalogued,
a brand new kind of her?
So far the Mystery’s ignored.
No one knows yet when you
climb on it, it flies. Its tender
sword is out of sight. But that’s
all right. Doesn’t care. The dare’s
still there. Its hard-on never dies.
Salve Regina! Ave Rex! Ave Omnis
Genus (with or without penis)!
Render unto Sex whatever gender
it elects to find delectable, buck
ass bare or in disguise – what it
is and ever shall be: a surprise.

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