Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Regina and Rex Rated R (Part 2 of Salve Regina…)

Rex with Vagina,
Regina with Pecs that
She Flexes had vexed their
flushed followers flashing too
much of their flesh to the public,
yet not enough neck, to neck!
Rex né Regina, Regina née Rex
had their neck therefore aptly
inflected suggestively: teasing
out shadows that spiced the effects
of their having beribboned their crotch
and a tit just a bit, so their body more
modestly might fit a flick with an R,
not a X – although they were soon more
than sure with no less an allure than
they’d had when they’d been very bad,
judging now, anyway, by the forest
of tented up trousers and WOWZA’s
brought forth in the loud horny crowd,
which they found quite as easy
to rouse as they did doing sleazy.
Being good could raise wood, as it
should! And it would.

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