Monday, July 9, 2018

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Pigeon

Why do I look stupid? Why do I blink?
Staring at futility. Dunno what to think.
I can’t sort out hypothesis from fact.
I keep getting caught in the act.
So many acts to get caught in.
And so many facts to be brought in
to address the question ‘Yo, wassup?’
I don’t know why anything is up.
I’ll never know how to explain it.
I battle reality, try to contort it, 
exhort it, report it to every authority:
still am not able to train it.
So I keep getting caught in the act.
That’s the immutable, that’s 
the inscrutable and irrefutable fact.
So I look stupid? Hoopdy-do.
So, by the way, you two-leggèd
chattering mammal, do you.

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