Saturday, August 4, 2018

Meaning of Summer

Particle or wave – tsunami –
snapshot of infinity – motionless
surprise – photographed: forever
delicately startled eyes – or some yelp
rushing, blasting with such force
and speed there is no help for it:
looking through the summer’s
crystal lens – exacting point-of-view –
I can’t see anything held back: nothing
hasn’t been set out, arrayed for me
to see: nobody is covering the truth:
everything is everywhere, on top,
upfront; the surface holds whatever
key that there could be: I’m as much
the sea as sea, or sky as sky:
all there brimming in the eye.
I saw a pretty mother push an empty
pram meticulously up a sidewalk –
West End Avenue – followed by
a very little girl, presumably her daughter,
pushing her toy empty pram as well.
Memory has turned them into water –
glass: absent and eternal. Every image
passes, laughs, tinkles like a bell.

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