Monday, August 20, 2018

Yes, We are Green

Cheerleader, linebacker, honor society:
Marge was voluptuous, Lars smoked cigars –
Innocence’ blush next to blunt Notoriety -
Blundun High’s brightest and sexiest stars.
“Wedding bells soon!” opined Reverend Clarence –
So when the news came, were we taken aback
to learn, with the blessings of all of their parents,
Lars now was Lacey, and Marge was now Mack.
“I was he, now I’m she,” giggled Lars-become-Lacey.
“Try it sometime,” grunted Mack-who’d-been-Marge.
They both flushed hot pink. “Now everything’s racy.
Large things get smaller, and small things get large.”
Mack, suddenly solemn, said: “Yes, we are green.
Some biochemists say green can make legible
something impelling our systems may mean
us to do. To morph flesh into vegetable.”
Lacey’s never solemn: “What fun, one thinks!
To make the ineffable loop”
(Lacey excitedly blinks)
“to salaciously savory vegetable soup!”

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