Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Affective Poesy

with a stronger than usual appeal to listen to the video (which, heaven save us, even has a postscript), since this poem feels like it marks new territory for me and I couldn’t seem to not need to say stuff to somebody about it. So if you can bear being that somebody, I’d like it a lot.
Two days ago I took a crash course in Affective
Poesy and I think I’ve got the knack of it at last.
Affective Poesy requires forty-five lines separated
Into five nine-line stanzas. Visually any line
Should seem about the same length of Another.
Each line’s first word Flush left is in the upper case,
And never lower. You can however Govern whether
Other Nouns and Verbs and Parts of Speech be
Crowned in upper-case as Well. Content mostly
Will not much Engage: protecting you against what
You had Very badly Feared, and at other Private
Moments hoped, might Spell your Destiny: to dash
Into an under-handed, under-fucking-standing
Of the under-Fucking-taking of the care and
Application of a Pearly quantity of Sickeningly
Slick Pellucid fluid of the human male, a true spin
Through the famous halls of Montezuma, and an
Amplitude of everything that fails: and falls to Seeing
That another otherness be Gently excised from the
Room to be politely Shown the Door, sent out to
Implore The rest of any- and of Everything in this
Rapacious Urgency to learn what it had not Yet
Learned: to do Without the glory Promised it But not
Delivered By Saint Anna Plume-de-Lune From whom
We Thought you’d learned sufficiently the reason
For the Ogling Mumbah turning his Attention far
From what he’d thought that he Was here to bless,
Confess – when at that Unrepentant Moment you
Said Yes, you’d fill the Coffers of each strange new
Tent raised in the jungles and the deserts which
Appeared to Harbor organized talk therapy for all
The endlessly Repentant winners at casino coin
Machines. The beans and rice of it! To think there
Was a way to live That didn’t strategize to make
You Do what you were sure you had To Do to live!
To think! To think at all becomes a kinky slinky
Correlating uppity capacity to render an acute
Neurosis, like a flaccid acidosis of the spirit Veering
To and fro between, among the psyche’s Three
Presiding Needs to please itself too well. Nothing
Ever breaks that spell. Some say it quells Their
Rheumatiz quite well. Some say it’s hell. Some
Say it’s an inordinate attempt to Be: to pre-Select
To go-and-see. I think it’s all affective poesy. You
should try your Hand at it. It’s meant the world to me.

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