Friday, November 16, 2018

What You’ve Thrown Away

Imaginary friends, discarded
once outgrown, upended
and forgotten by their blood-
and-flesh companions whom
they’d shown and who they
thought had also shown
a love which offered them so
unconditional a fit that it was
unimaginable they would ever
need a love additional to it.
But now these randomly
abandoned beings have begun
to find equivalently yearning
others of their kind. New
intimacies salve their burning
losses. Imagination glosses
its effects and predilections,
finds new ways to ride the bends
of its fluidities, affections
and desires. Floating past each
other on their river, they begin
to feel the quiver of a possibility
of love they’d thought was gone.
Might dreams love dreams?
Now they do. Which means
there may be hope for
what you’ve thrown away,
and therefore hope for you.

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