Sunday, November 4, 2018

Yes, Those.

You can’t know much about effects
of something you refuse to undergo.
Although to Kant, to undergo it merely
to experience the unfamiliar would be
ill-advised without a logical hypothesis
that well and truly led you to the Good.
Although I think the Good is so much
wood and kindling to give fuel to fire
when it’s cold. Bad burns just as well.
You can refuse or no, or rather yes,
you can walk in and find out what
the heaven or the hell awaits you is,
without, I think, disrupting cosmic fizz;
in fact, it adds to cosmic fizz, and you
are made of cosmic fizz so you’re already
in the know. But if you fuse with or refuse
or re-amuse yourself with it again, don’t
fret: you’ll come out smelling like a rose.
Or toes. Or quantities of what you’re
thinking of that you think no one
knows you’re thinking of. Yes, those.

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