Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Pan-Hybrid Scintillation

“Let language alter you!” proclaim these two itinerant
professors who alone address “pan-hybrid scintillation” –
not the sort of specialty one commonly expects to think
about until one undergoes the pixilating spill of the collision
with their influence. “Collision with their influence” is just
the sort of untoward way of putting it you’ll learn from them
is not perhaps upon reflection how you would be best advised
in bowdlerizing situations to co-vandalize your lingual will:
for instance like attaching “co” to “vandalize” to “lingual will”
or using adjectives like “bowdlerizing” with such plural nouns
as “situations” or to wrangle with the arbitrary senselessness
of “pixilating spill.” But with the introduction of pan-hybrid
scintillation in your psychic gullet you can feel the downward
pull at once of awkward phrases culled at random from the not
particularly consanguineous productions of the mind you find
by not much caring what you find – like “psychic gullet” or
“the not particularly consanguineous productions of the mind”.
Eventually if you follow their example you will run the gauntlet
of inapposite configurations of vocabulary while developing
a nose for better and less flatulent locutions: for example, never
mixing “run the gauntlet” with “locutions” you decide for no
great purpose other than the patent goading terror of not
coming up compulsively with adjectives that manage to evade
cliché despite their awful clatter in the ear (like “flatulent”
tied to “locutions”). When you are done at last with explications
they provide for parsing out the flight of the most morbidly
resourceful underpinnings of the implications of your most
voluminous ejaculations you’ll have learned incontrovertibly
and in the most collaterally endo-genitally macro manner
that the way to keep from grabbing words committing flabby
verbal violence is: never say what they would say. And that
the best solution to not knowing what to say is silence.

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