Monday, November 19, 2018

Homage to Quentin Crisp in advance of November 21st, the date in 1999 he died.

I’m never terribly aware of what day or date or sometimes even month it is I suppose because (in addition to not believing in ‘time’) I don't have a life which depends very much on knowing those sorts of specificities. So I'm not a little surprised and charmed at the synchronicity of my having come upon a piece I wrote about Quentin Crisp for Middlebury College's magazine 17 years ago, right as the date of the anniversary of his death, November 21 (1999), drew nigh. It made me think memory is biological. Which of course it is. It also made me want to YouTube it, which I now have.
I talk about all that in this video so I won't go on about it here. I will however add what I didn't say in the video which is that my dear friend and Middlebury College library archivist Joseph Watson found the piece for me (I couldn't find my copy); it was the photocopy he sent me in 2015 I came upon. I have become convinced Mr. Watson can chart the provenance of anything written down or published in any place and at any time in the history of our species and be as likely as anyone living to effect the placement of a pristine first edition of it in your hands. Thank you and a big MWAH! to Joseph for his unerring success in this realm. (text in photos below.)

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