Sunday, January 13, 2019

My Muse, Some Random Views

She ministers to shimmering unlikelihoods,
persuading them to congregate and conjugate and flow –
she gathers all-but-slaughtered colors so abused
by notions of il faut they’d long ago forgotten where to go –
she gives the great grand quantity of the ejected
some experience, not of the stodgy condescension
of respect, but of the gladder gallantry of no-holds-barred
affection – baking in the sexual contextual
expression of Imagination’s oven: she’s a card, seducing
just by introducing any rank unpalatability to any other –
to permit another coalesced impossibility a swooning
entrance to the coven which, as witch, she rules.
She remonstrates against unquestioned tastes
and vindicates most fools. She wears embarrassments
like jewels. I’d like to let her loose in schools.

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