Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cherchez la Femme

Throughout the nexus of the seasons –
mais pas du tout for sexist reasons –
la plupart des vents take a feminine swell and sway.
Subscribing to a stale cliché

of female unpredictability or fickle whim
is not why winds prefer to be “her” than “him”.
When they appear – to rile and rear
and roil the atmosphere –

they find their swerves and billows –
seductively rustling the weeping willows –
never don’t also arouse the clouds
as if they were gaping and leering crowds

in a burlesque house.
Just as to a mouse
a cat connives herself into a wily pest,
it serves their purpose best

quand la plupart des vents deviennent les femmes. Well,
most winds choose to go with the canny bombshell
Brigitte Bardot –
though some presume to loom with the guile and flow,

luring night out of day, of Simone Signoret.
Elles sont pourquoi (quelque fois) vous trouvez ici le français.
But don’t become lugubrious or let français frustrate.
Let your pride abate: cherchez la femme in Google Translate.


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