Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Mustn’t Not

It doesn’t have to act a part, although
it mustn’t bore. It mustn’t not suffice,
and mustn’t not deposit you into a state
of wanting more. It mustn’t not delight

and mustn’t not unnerve, and if it serves up
double-negatives, it mustn’t not appear
absurd. Mustn’t not be as suggestive
as a glance, mustn’t not evince a gorgeous

sound, mustn’t not permit a chance
of getting lost and being found. Mustn’t
not divide into two avatars who run through
all your heavens and your hells. Mustn’t

not cast spells. Mustn’t not love error,
mustn’t not be this: the only way, today,
that you can find to say what feeds
your terror and your bliss.


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