Sunday, December 25, 2016

From Here

I’ve been drawing many drawings
over many years and recently,
especially, have stayed awake quite
late in the pursuit of what I sense

from what they’ve incrementally
revealed to me what they require
to affect, effect, create their fate –
not only theirs, I seem to be aware,
but mine. Or so I dare now to divine

from having watched my two most
recent creatures each comport their
facial features, lift their palms and wave
their fingers in a readily decipherable

“Hi!” at me. In all the years I’ve been
the gofer, butler, plumber, secretary,
architect and cook of this menagerie
I’ve never once before detected as direct

a look – so candidly acknowledging
I’m here. All I know from this miraculous
development to do is to accept that
they waved “Hi!” at me, and then,
as amiably as I can, wave “Hi!” right

back at them. Their mystery has
changed demeanor, lost its sting,
gained some sweeter thing. From
here things may get interesting.


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