Saturday, November 25, 2017


As is well-known to many, I am and have been for more years than it now seems politic to reveal the director of ‘Arcane and Indefensible Realms of Human Endeavor’, the full title of which includes 'Art and 'Devotion' (acronym AIRHEAD) - dropped here because the words won’t fit on the building’s marquee or the company letterhead - which has expanded over the decades to include a large and lively workshop in Dover, Delaware wherein and wherefrom proceed various productions in service of furthering my advocacy and/or exploration of NYC standpipe culture, rivetingly alarming sexual ingenuity, the mystical properties of Sycamore leaves, the meaning and sometimes terrible significance of 1880s architectural adornment in New York City, Gracie Allen’s divinity, the incontrovertible preeminence of and preternaturally evocative creative m.o.’s largely shared by Judy Garland, Henry James and Emily Dickinson, among innumerable other areas of fixated interest that will by now be familiar to most of you, all of whose productions are carried out by a staff of 24 devoted volunteers who have asked to remain nameless. 

With regard to which request, I am pleased to discover that while I make no secret of my employment as founder and CEO of AIRHEAD that its employees and indeed its very existence remain, as you can see from this screenshot of my Facebook timeline, invisible to Facebook. Google on it & none of its personnel nor any other identifying information will appear. 

Evidence that the workings of the human heart will forever, by their very nature, remain under the radar of even the most sophisticated invasively investigative strategies of Le Grand Frère.


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