Monday, November 6, 2017

Donna and Me in a Cab

Donna and me carousing 
in a cab about a year ago 
construe the boffo-est most 
spot-on view (head-on or 
from behind) we've got of us.

Except one we can't find*
of Donna who'd admonished
me to sit where she'd alit,
atop a hippopotamus
named Deuteronymous.

(I was pictured climbing,
trembling, up his bottomus.)
But this shot snaps because
it catches her mid-laughter:
a more dangerous contagious

irrepressibility would not
attach to you from any other
laugh you'd hear from here
to Timbuktu to Caribou.
The things it makes you do!


*Deuternonymous, we later
learned, preferred to be
anonymous: he may have
found a way to sneak into my
laptop’s files (he’s the only

hippo Google’s ever hired),
peek around until he found
the pic and go about deleting it.
But we’d like to keep that quiet.
Thanks for not repeating it.


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