Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Penultimate Destiny of Fallen Leaves

Most sweet fallen leaves dispose me to opine
that they might well enjoy a camaraderie 
in their supine condition that they would repine
had they imagined their penultimate destiny 
would be to be so randomly admixed
into unasked-for intimate relation
with these leaves from other trees. Fixed 
stasis on a branch had been each leaf’s sole station
since its un-remembered start. Now
to find its edges, swells and coloring at odds
with its companions’: had this caused a Wow
of revelation, art and ecstasy? Had its gods

much larger plans and stranger purposes
at work than it could, through its limits, glean?
How fine - sublime! - to rub and place its surfaces
so sensually over and beneath the unforeseen!


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