Sunday, November 26, 2017

Watch What Happens

If we can assume from what appears to be persuasive
evidence supporting the Darwinian hypothesis that through

the eons the innate proclivity of every class of living things
has been to mutate mercilessly randomly, get sick and die

off quickly, until finally it stumbles into one of those
symmetrical economies of means that strictly serve survival,

what accounts for the arrival through Imagination of my
untoward babies’ birth? They don’t look as if they’d last

a nanosecond on the Earth. You say, “that’s because they
aren’t really here. Marks you make on paper lack intrinsic

meaning: that you use inert, reductive symbols to imbue
with sentient animate existence, almost always out of anxious

loneliness and narcissistic fear, seems clear.” And I say, ha!
Watch what happens when you tell them that, my dear.”


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