Sunday, August 14, 2016

Intoxication Avenue

Unless the weather proved prohibitive
(which, very sadly, it would sometimes do),
the Honorable Samuel McHugh and his
confrère, inseparable confidant and partner
Lou looked forward to perambulating
every Sunday to Intoxication Avenue.

The fumes that rose up from its pavement
glowed a pleasant powder blue: inhaled,
they sent a gale of Delphic certainties through
every aperture of Samuel McHugh and Lou
that they, and only they, were whom
we’d want to ask about, well, everything.

But when the weather was prohibitive,
and oh! – they couldn’t go, the Honorable
Samuel McHugh felt so dishonorably low
he seriously contemplated suicide. And so
did Lou. And so, if you knew what they knew
about Intoxication Avenue, would you.


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