Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Well, Hello There!

We’re told we can’t presume a single
aspect about whom we meet when
we encounter the inevitable Sentient
Others who exist in solar systems

either nearer to or farther from ourselves
than we’ve now basis to discern.
However, if the Universe is infinite,
it’s not a possibility but an imperative

that all imaginable beings somewhere
manifest and breathe and learn – and some
of these will be like us. Perhaps our
android form is mandated by physics

in reaction to phenomena of chemicals
and temperatures and gravity which have
a kinship to Earth’s own. Perhaps,
wherever they occur, our sorts of birth,

intelligence and evolution share a primal
template from the workings-out of which
we can expect to find, in some availing
clime, societies of creatures to whose

symmetries and features we incline.
But when we look into
their similarly fashioned eyes,
will we see anything we recognize?


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