Saturday, February 25, 2017

How Do You Hold an Alien?

How do you hold an alien?
Is there some cosmic receptivity
to which you can extend yourself –
to open you to find and learn to mine
a universal lexicon of touch? Do you try
to bring it hopefulness too little or too much?
Is its disgruntlement a sign that it is ready
to align? Does squirming mean it’s fine?

When you caress it to express affection, 
does that register as threat, annoyance,
stress, egregious lack of politesse?
Does it retract from you to its resistant
pose because it loathes your smell? Is it hell
to feel the humid texture of your skin? Does
your sotto voce breath subject it to an awful
din? Are you a blessing or a curse? To what
is it attracted and to what is it averse?

Questions only make it worse.


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