Thursday, February 23, 2017

Whatever Motives Are

To subject my often
unavailing creatures
to Kaleidogrammicization
tends to render features

which, when replicated
past the brink
of the imaginable, start
to make the viewer think

that something stranger
than perversity
obtains. Have they a mission? 
if not to quash adversity

than to promote the psyche’s 
cause? – to help to look inside
la condition humaine,
therein to ride

revealing unexampled
avenues of feeling
from which, far from seldom,
we’re left reeling

with a needling sense
some have supposed
is their covert intent: to leave
our troubled souls exposed?

Though seemingly ingenuously,
one of course will charm, and be
an unexpected avatar
of calm, disarming harmony.

It's hard 
to tell for sure.
Whatever motives are,
they’re rarely pure.


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