Monday, February 20, 2017

The Bible They Wrote that No One Has Read

Long after the Serpent had transmogrified
into something that looked like a man – but not
yet what he would conceive on his ride to
the Devil we know would be damned – he was
yellowish, brown-haired, and bore piercing eyes,
and otherwise seemed far less evil than wise. 

Long after Adam lost interest in Eve, by the time
she’d become a thrice-over grandmother,
he wandered off daily to murmur the yearnings
he’d long since accepted would never be heard.
While Adam pined after one thing or another,
Eve found her companionship elsewhere.

The damned simulacrum of man-not-yet-devil
had caused Eve to dream and believe again.
It’s not that they talked; no, they walked and they
paused and they walked and they paused,
and between them arrived at the conscious
awareness that each was the other’s deliverance.

It was love mixed with reverence: quite like
the solemn gestalt of a Protestant church which
of course wouldn’t lurch into being for eons.
Eve called him Leon; he took her in hand
and she took him to bed and the rest you can find
in the Bible they wrote but that no one has read.


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