Monday, February 27, 2017

Oh, Sigmundy Sigmund!

       clockwise left to right: Freud und Hans; Superego, Id, Ego de Guy

Oh, Sigmundy Sigmund! Oh you!
Insisting it's true, as you do,
we have enemies that
we can't ever get at
to bestow a hello, or eschew!

Don't your id, superego and ego
beget all of the prisons where we go? --
treat us like we were prey,
till that sweet longed-for day
when we finally give them the heave-ho?

And what does that leave us with then?
When we stop getting stuck in back when?
Each sense reappears --
like my new set of ears! --
with a harrowing force, and a yen

to uncover what we never knew
generated our real lives, and threw
us entirely out
of the least little doubt
there was nothing the matter with you.


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