Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Bred in the Cellar of Your Heart

The circumnavigation of your days
entails meticulous attention to the ways
details of what conduces to your ease
comport with one another: in the breeze

of every open-windowed dawn –
when you get out of bed with nothing on
and trundle toward the sweet sufficiencies
of your abode’s machinery's efficiencies

which, at a toggle switch or two,
will summon light and music, brew
your coffee, ready you for your ablutions
at the bathroom sink. Perhaps solutions

will at last emerge to alter your existence:
as your coffee drums up your persistence
in pursuing what you’re craving most of all –
some unprecedented presence to enthrall

and be enthralled by: any blooming thing
bred in the cellar of your heart who’ll bring
your being up and over – far away 
into some new un-circumnavigable day.


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