Sunday, June 25, 2017

Unwelcome Attentions

All attention is welcome. Except for
the hell from these two, who pursue
every woman they learn is named Sue
because both had been dumped by a Sue, 
of which moniker and of no matter 
what woman who’d had the bad luck 
to be called it, they took a dim view,

on a principle, they now believed,
had unquestionably through their
wounding experience proved to be true,
which assessment leads them to make
nasty remarks to all women named Sue –
least of which, and a cliché to boot,
but the only one we can repeat,

is that each was a shrew which since
each was named Sue, they already knew.
They’ve therefore spent numerous nights
in small jails which avail all the Sues
who refuse to put up with their rudeness,
and lewdness and puerile abuse.
But when last they got out we heard

someone report they’d resorted
to seeking out all men named Bruce.
And not, we are told, upon whom they
heaped any abuse. We hear that they like
the name Bruce, which they’ve left
un-defamed because that’s what
the both of these dodos are named.


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