Thursday, September 15, 2016

Margaret’s Clothes

Margaret’s clothes aren’t sewn as much as colored, taped and stapled:
which started when a self-described cosmetic chromatologist
informed her (unsolicited): “the only color you should
ever wear, with that bad purplish skin, is pink.”

“That’s what you think,” Margaret said; thereby
that day (before she’d gone to bed) adhering to a pact 
that would begin a fierce campaign. She bought approximately
seven yards of variously patterned Orlon, magic markers, spray paint,

snap-on snaps and Velcro zippers: all to be meticulously stapled to her
debut outfit-with-a-cause, which on the morrow she would dare
to wear as her rebuttal to cosmetic chromatology’s decree
(and hope to sell): who said you can’t wear any hue

you wanted to? By now, though, not a one had sold
(although she makes another every day), and she’s no idea
how many prêt-à-porter smocks she’s got in stock she’d hoped
would shock and wake up all the human sheep who followed fashion

out of fear. So far in vain. It’s not that she’s not noticed. Oh, she is!
(Most people point.) But nobody has yet anointed her esthetic
and political and moral cause by calling out to her about
a single item of her clothes: “I want one of those!”



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