Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Meeting Someone Strange and New

It can make a fool of you, meeting someone
strange and new – particularly when their very
shape and color are so alien they frighten you –
distract too powerfully not to fracture any prospect
of a comfortable relation. Murderous assumptions
that all differences are evil may reveal themselves –

and you may feel yourself begin to crumble, crack,
implode – and hit a mother lode of venomous
defense you’re shocked to find is at the center
of how you construe the True and the Desirable.
But you are psychically rewire-able. Don’t fret.

Let your eyes invite the Other’s eyes to enter yours.
When your spirit consequently moors itself
and pours back into sense again, begin then,
gently and intently, to discover and uncover
what feels whole. Assess, possess the treasure.
Your measure of success will be your pleasure.


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