Friday, September 16, 2016

What I’d Like to Think

I’d like to think that friendships lend
far less than friendships give –
that Heart’s electric arc can bend
and wed completely: sieve

all misaligning parts – and climb
down deep to some sweet source
we might return to every time
we long for warmth. Of course

the metaphors one seeks to muse
on what might prompt these bonds
are always inexact – diffuse –
like toy box magic wands

pressed into service by a child –
in hopes some constancy
might prove as certain, strong and mild
as dreams of it can be.


1 comment:

unknown said...

March 27, 2009..your blog entry

I knew your brother Robert when I attended Church of the Holy Cross in Dallas, Tx. ca/ 1975.

I did not know about his death until I read of his illness. I was searching the internet for names out of the past which I happened to remember. The Priests at Holy Cross were some of those names. Gene Blankenship, Joe Harte, Bob honored for their commitment to a God who loves his frail folk. I had forgotten what he looked like until I saw his picture. I did not know Bob well but only in an official capacity. I am sorry for your loss. I start most of my sentences with "I".

Timothy Erskine