Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My Brother Bob's Birthday

After I was done with “Place-Holders” (September 28’s Enterprise) I was still hungry to draw - not just draw, but throw myself into something more ambitious - having, as usual, no idea what that would be.

It turned out to be this drawing. A few minutes ago when I finished it, looked at the time and saw that September 28 had turned into September 29, I realized something about what probably was prodding me - September 29 was/is my brother Bob's birthday. (He died in 1989 of AIDS.) One clue about why these faces are as beatifically smiling as they directed me to make them became clear: they were wishing Bob a happy birthday.

There will surely be a poem (me being me) I'll write tomorrow (or later on today) to be this drawing's companion - well, I say surely because that is my ingrained custom, but to leave this only with the title that instantly seemed right to me may be enough. It's simply what I've said what today was:

My Brother Bob's Birthday

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