Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bobbling for Apples in the Dark (a post-election reflection)

Something’s spent. It’s like the Father
left the Holy Spirit and his Son to deal
with this Existence He’s engendered
which has rendered that remaining Duo

impotent. Not unlike what this new spike
of loss we feel has done to any prospects
of another tolerable dawn. Strange
we can’t identify what’s going on. 

Is it time to change the paradigm?
Drop the model of the Trinity
anthropomorphically exhausting us
to see divinity, infinity, eternity

in the infirmity of daddy/son paternity?
Maybe keep the thing in it we can’t define:
that holy spirit business might refine for us
a more regaling, porous sense of the divine.

Maybe Trump is not the problem after all.
Maybe there’s no problem.
Politics is bobbling for apples in the dark.
But how do apples grow, and why?

And what is darkness but a symptom
of our vision’s incapacity?
Seek another kind of light.
There’s something more to see.


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