Friday, November 18, 2016

Surreptitious Conversation

Surreptitious conversation,
full of whispered consternation,
is the sort of talk we most remember –
whatever it may be about, it seems to rout
out doubt and hold it up to keener light and far

more ardent focus than is usual. The warm infusion
of the knowing nods between us beckons pleasure to its
hushed gestalt, savoring the human frailty in the overlooked
essential opportunity some overseer had failed to oversee.
Surreptitiously we’re certain we’ve uncovered something

terribly important – we’ve decoded the enigma, found
the pivot upon which catastrophe has swung. Some
bell that only we have heard has rung. Much
in this dire quietude seems now to hang
in secret balance: one brings what

talents one possesses for diplomacy
and tact to bear upon the rare occasion
of the prospect of persuasion surreptitious
conversation at its best has never lacked. But
probably the great unspoken joy between us

is the lure of the enduring tacit pact which
surreptitious conversation makes
implicitly – the pledge that
each of us will watch
the other’s back.


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