Saturday, November 12, 2016

Emotional Amanuensis

An emotional amanuensis
might be nice – advancing you
by dancing through to offer you
your chance at paradise: no,

not to tell you what to do –
but with the net effect of spice,
some untoward seasoning which
once enticed you on a food that

wasn’t to most other people apt, or
even edible: cinnamon on tripe,
say, on a cracker might bestir you
into feeling oddly bright:

the barest taste of which might
just suffice to push you to the right
of spite or to the left of the bereft:
gently beckoning to turn

your sight to something
that you really liked instead
of what you didn’t – and say
good riddance to the rest.

No test, no guarantee
you won’t encounter future strife –
just something to ignite you:
to invite you to the festival of life.


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