Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Our Mad Licentious Past – a Thanksgiving

They say, far back (too many hundred million years ago
for you or me to count or understand) a giant bandit
of a rocky body cracked into and mounted Earth: raped it,
and ejaculated in its center: gave ferocious birth to our
iron core. For eons we had fizzy rings, like Saturn (less or
more) – out of which catastrophe, and not a whit too soon,

emerged our moon. Iron gave us a magnetic field
(shielding us from most of the unwieldy evils of the sun) –
moon-tug kept us from the drunken wobble we’d have badly
stumbled from without her: no living thing would have
been able safely to traverse the ground had it not been
for all the reckless violence of our gratuitously whizzing

sphere, and the unconscionable queer impertinent wild
shock of molten rock. And so, my dear, today, when you
sit down to eat a roasted creature which, with you,
would not be featured here without the planet’s
mad licentious past, give thanks for the eruptive horror
that created it – and has obliged to deign to let you last.


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