Friday, November 25, 2016

The Brothers Fin

The Brothers Fin – fraternal twins – were not so-named
because they came from Finland – but rather for the reason
they could not inhabit any portion of the planet too far inland.

Where we wear slippers they have flippers, and their hands are
webbed, and on their heads and backs grow fins. Their human
parents lived beside a bay into the frigid depths of which
they dumped their progeny at birth: hoping wanly that the bay
might be where they might thrive on Earth, or give the baby
beasts at least a chance (their mom and dad had not
themselves the courage to advance) to surface from their dive.

And so they did, still do – alive. Wave back nicely when they
wave to you, as wave to you they will. They know waves’
spill and line and swell, how they reflect both moon and star.

See how fine they are!


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