Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Nothing Rhymes with With

We would have done what we did.
We did what we would have done.
It wasn’t always fun. And yet you
were the one, the only one, I could
have done it with.(Ha! Nothing rhymes

with with.) And I was who you wanted
by your side. And so we took the ride
until we died. First you died, I didn’t.
It seemed to matter awfully that we
didn’t die together.  It was heavy

weather till I did. Then I did. And we
were rid of all the diddly-do, the riddly
swivel and skew of living. And here
we are wherever we are. We aren’t
sure of much. I’m fairly sure you’re

you. You seem to think I’m something
such as me. And so we propagate
again a we. To do what we would
have done. To do what we do to be.
But now it’s always fun! We know no

prayer to pray, but if we knew a prayer
and prayed the prayer we wouldn’t
scare it with Amen. We’d end it with
a Wheeee! That’s what we’d end it
with. And nothing rhymes with with.


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