Monday, November 21, 2016

I Have an Art Job

I met somebody recently who teaches disadvantaged children
in Long Island – whose disadvantages apparently enlivened him,
once he had seen my gallery of creature features, to invite me

to provide the art for post card-sized depictions of teenagers
doing well – and seeming to be glad they were – in school. Three
views: my choice to choose among and from his pool of male

and female African-American, Latino, Asian and Caucasian
students: buddies reading, studying a chalked equation on
a blackboard, learning how to use a laptop. This meant, I thought –

although perhaps I hadn’t to ought to have – that I should stop
short of the brink beyond which my menagerie of many-limbed
and lumpy-headed species lived – whose strangenesses might

make this audience uneasy. So – ergo – I’ve done one of the three
and here he is, in rather a Pharaonic pose, in clothes I daresay
no one seventeen today would want to be seen dead in. That he

is offering the famous odd equation with which Einstein shocked
the world was not the outcome of some reasoned argument
that had unfurled to lead me somewhere I believed it wise

for troubled teens to see, reflect on as their academic fare.
I simply couldn’t think what else to put there. Two more drawings
to be done. Perhaps they’ll make me let them have more fun.


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